Paybe solution integrates three different functions into one beautiful and user friendly interface – traditional banking functionality, crypto functionality and depository to hold Your private keys in a secure manner. Paybe Solution integrates traditional banking with crypto banking and is the first company to provide such services. At all times our clients control their finances, not us. Private keys are owned by our clients.

Agrello ID

The gateway to Paybe Solution is an Agrello ID. Agrello ID is a modern ID platform, integrated with biometrics of Veriff, an Estonian company, which supplies a tier 3 security biometrics verification software. Gateway of Agrello ID enables us to use the most modern and high tech verification software in order to enable our customers to access all the features of Paybe Solution.


Crypto functionality enables our customers to hold all their crypto assets in one place, Paybe Solution. We support all major cryptocurrencies and ERC20 tokens. Cryptocurrencies can be exchanged between each other and into fiat money. The system also works vice versa, meaning that fiat money can also be exchanged into crypto.

Smart contact

Inheritance Smart Contract, high-standard reporting mechanism (IFRS standards) and live 24 hour support desk are the additional benefits of Paybe Solution.


Banking functionality provides our clients with IBAN, international transfer capabilities and a debit card. Three fiat currencies are to be supported in the initial phase of Paybe Solution, USD, EUR and JPY.


One of the most important functions Paybe Solution provides, is the depository. Depository is legally separated non-profit organisation with a sole purpose of keeping the private keys of its customers. Depository corresponds to all the highest security standards and the information kept there is protected. Clients can see their private keys anytime they wish, however we do not recommend that. Should a client wish to move its assets to some other platform, he/she can absolutely do so. Private keys will immediately be provided, at a client’s first request.