Ralph Echemendia.

Ralph is a world famous hacker, a.k.a. “The Ethical Hacker”. Ralph makes sure that our security systems hold and we produce a quality product. Ralph is a founder of Seguru, a start-up changing the way we think about security.

Sean Arries.

Sean is Ralph’s partner, one of the best computer security specialists out there. They are working as a team, to consult Paybe to be the most secure solution for our customers.

Teddi Rull.

Teddi is a co-founder of Agrello, a successful Estonian start-up, making smart contracts available for general public. We are happy to collaborate with Teddi to make Paybe Solution work.

Hando Rand.

Hando is a partner with Teddi at Agrello. He is a popular and widely accepted member of blockchain community. Hando is consulting us with how to implement modern technologies into Paybe Solution.

Tim Frost.

Tim is the founder of Taurus Vision and has extensive knowledge in the blockchain world. He has been consulting numerous start-ups to make them succeed. We are very happy to have Tim as an advisor.