Paybe is an innovative team of enthusiastic people with a vision for the greater future of how people exchange value!

Our team consists of great professionals, every team member has significant experience in the field he represents. We share common values and believe truly in the innovation in financial services sector. It is better to join our efforts with the Regulator, therefore creating a legally sound atmosphere for the development of better financial services.

Our team identified the need for Paybe and is eagerly building a modern and blockchain based company, to secure the future for the community.

Our mission

Our mission is to give peace of mind to our customers, offering the best and most advanced financial services available today. We understand that the industry is constantly changing and we promise to always be the leading innovator in financial services sector.

Real service

We believe that if a client has a problem with a service, a real person would be nice to talk to, not a robot! Usually they register Your support ticket and in best case You can talk to a robot. Paybe is again going to change all that. We promise our customers 24 hour LIVE help desk with adequate people. We will really help a client to solve a problem.

Assets to owners

We believe that assets should always be owned by their real owners, not intermediaries! We help the end users to feel comfortable building a secure system for the management of private keys, a depository we call it. We cannot access Your assets, only You can. Don’t need to be worried about the security risks involved with Your assets. We’ll take care of that.

Freedom to use

We believe in freedom to use the assets one pleases! We know that certain regulators want to impose ban on certain assets. We have heard many times that crypto currencies should be “outlawed”. Doesn’t this violate the main principle of freedom of a modern society? We believe it does.